Our New Edition.

At Garrett Dillon we have been hand making bespoke kitchens for almost eighteen years. Similar to any business, it can be challenging but mostly very rewarding. It is a great pleasurable to take a client from initial design to installation, the end product being something that puts a huge smile a client's face and makes everyday life in the kitchen easier.

The kitchen industry is ever changing and embracing these changes is challenging, particularly when you are a cabinet maker or carpenter. But embracing we are! Our new Edition kitchens are stylish, smart and affordable. We have sourced our new kitchens based on quality, versatility and price. We offer two main ranges, modern and transitional (transitional having elements of both traditional and modern styles.) We are very confident in stating that we will give you more than almost other kitchens companies at this level. Starting the process with our designer calling to your home free of charge, to help you measure up and have a general chat about what you would like for your room. Who better to design your kitchen than a person who has a in depth knowledge of a working kitchen in their own home.


That Sinking Feeling

The humble kitchen sink, one of the most used items in a kitchen, definitely gets the least amount of discussion. The kitchen sink conversation starts & ends in a few short sentences… undermounted or overmounted, stainless steel or ceramic, bowl or bowl & a half, decision made, job done.

Having spent the last few years with a beautiful polar white ceramic kitchen sink (which now looks awful as it’s chipped everywhere, not to mention the countless wine glass stems that remained at the bottom of the bowl after careful washing) I have come to the realisation that the humble sink should be given some more thought, time & consideration.

Now that I need to replace the beautiful sink, I have been mulling over how often we actually use this item that is a mere after thought. I seem to spend a lot of my day in or around the sink, washing something or in some cases someone. Dishes, pots, cutlery, washing & peeling veg, hand washing items of clothing & there was time when we even bathed small babies in the sink, the list is endless.

Based on the amount of times that we do those things each day from a value per use point of view..we should definitely give the humble kitchen sink a bit more thought.

I won’t get into where kitchen designers always seem to place the kitchen sink just yet, as I need to wash the window behind the sink that is always covered in those annoying splashes of water!

Welcome to Edition Kitchens! Modern kitchens suppliers in Waterford, Cork, Tipperary, Kilkenny, and Wexford.