What to expect from your kitchen design consultation

You can expect to discuss the following at your initial kitchen design consultation – budget, timeline, measurements, likes, and dislikes. This helps our kitchen design team to determine what would work best for you and your space.

We like to keep our design consultations informal, it tends to be more of a discussion that helps us understand your vision or helps us to create a vision for you. 

Preparation by Client

We always recommend that you have an idea of what aspects of kitchens you like/dislike. The more information we receive from you the better, as this enables us to best curate a space that suits your daily routine and lifestyle.

Tips to prepare for your kitchen design consultation

  1. Gather Inspiration – Browse the “Kitchen Inspiration” section of our website, browse interior magazines or check out social media channels such as instagram and pinterest. 
  2. Know Your Budget – Having a clear budget in mind will help the designer recommend suitable materials and design options.
  3. Identify your needs – what is a priority, factors like storage needs, appliance preferences and features. 
  4. Measure your space – this information is crucial for the designer to create a layout that is specific to your space. 
  5. Know your timelines – we handle all aspects of design, supply and fitting, therefore it’s important to have an understanding of timeline requirements at the beginning of each project. 
  6. Prepare your questions – this is a great tip as it allows you to get the most out of your consultation. We have the expertise, you have unanswered questions and concerns. Let us help! 

What’s discussed at a kitchen design consultation?

During your initial consultation, we outline a good foundation to understand the requirements for the kitchen project. We discuss and consider the following:


Considering your budget is a critical aspect when attending a kitchen design consultation. For us at Edition Kitchens, this sets the framework for the entire project and impacts the choices made during the design process. A quick discussion about your budget allows the kitchen designer to suggest appropriate materials, storage solutions and design elements. A well considered budget-conscious design ensures you get the best from your kitchen, both in terms of value for investment and achieving the overall vision.

Space Planning

Another fundamental aspect of the initial kitchen design consultation is space planning. The designer must obtain the precise measurements of the space in order to effectively design a layout that works for you. Our space planning expertise allows us to maximise storage solutions, cleverly design your layout and integrate appliances to fit your needs. Beyond measurements, we also discuss your daily routines, cooking habits and general storage requirements to best determine a design that works for you, and not against you.

Aesthetic & Design Considerations

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the look of your new kitchen! In the consultation, we talk about your design preferences, the atmosphere you want, colours, and materials. Our talented designers carefully choose materials, finishes for cabinets, countertop options, backsplashes, and lighting fixtures to make your kitchen functional and beautiful. Whether you like classic, traditional, transitional, modern, or minimalist styles, we offer a diverse range of design possibilities and options. Our team works closely with you to add your personal touch to every detail. We want your kitchen to reflect your unique personality and be a place you love.

  • Materials 
  • Cabinetry 
  • Handles & Hinges
  • Details 
  • Countertop/Worktop
  • Backsplashes
  • Appliances
  • Lighting 

What happens after the initial design consultation?

After your kitchen consultation, our design team will take all of the above factors and create a design for your space. 

We will then schedule a time to present the design plans, and together we will discuss the various considerations that need to be pinned down at this stage. Final decisions are made on cabinetry, countertops, finishes, appliances, and other details. If you are happy with the design, we will discuss the deposit required/contract and we will get to work on developing your new kitchen. 

The kitchen designer will then coordinate the schedule so all elements are delivered on time, and the installation team is scheduled for the day of installation. 

How to book your initial design consultation?

So, you’re ready to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality? Great! Feel free to contact us via email or by telephone. All of our contact details are available on our contact page. If you’re passing by our showroom in Waterford, feel free to drop in to have a look around and schedule an appointment for another day (Please keep in mind that we recommend contacting us in advance, as we may not be able to facilitate your appointment on the spot.